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Spa in home :)

Hello ! This is my 1st post on blog so I don't know how i should start.  So my name is Gabriela . I am 20 years old and I come from Poland . I would like to write my blog in english to improve my english skills.

I am sure that some of you heard about Avon cosmetics . They have wonderful products from Planet Spa line. I always us them once or twice a week . Every week I am doing spa in my bath . Cosmetics are cheap but they are working really good .

turkish thermal baths body, hair , nail and bath oil
it is smells very well so I decided to add a few drops to a bath simply to relax but I used it only two times so I can't say if it is really working but my skin is more soft

greek seas marine firming body gel!
Girls ! Gel has a good consistency and also it is very easy to apply gel on the body . I am thinking it is really working , my skin is more firmed . It was very important for me because the last few months I was o diet and I lost weight so I needed good cosmetic to firm my body.
I started use it 2-3 times in week .

turkish termal baths black soap.
Soap looks like mud. I use it 2 times per week when I have my own spa at home.
cosmetic works well on rough skin . Cosmetic doesn't smells really good but the most important is action . I noticed that my skin is more delicate.

turkish thermal baths rhassoul clay face mask.Skin became more soft and delicate. I can't say more about this product because I didnt use it many times so I can't say if it is working for something else . Maybe someone of you used this mask ?!

dead sea minerals facial mud mask
This is it ! One of my favourite mask . I always have problems with pores on the nose.
I used this mask 5-6 times and I can recommend it to anyone . Mask removes excess sebum and makes the pores less visible.

Luxury regenerating hair mask with black caviar extract
My hair are damaged from coloring .So they need different masks and conditioners to be healthy and shiny. This mask is working, but I expected something more.

african shea butter luxurious facial souffle
Souffle has good consistency, it is easy to spread on the face . Butter gently moisturizes and nourishes .

Chocolate body butter nourishing and moisturising from Paloma body Spa
cosmetic manufacturer wrote on the packaging that product is recommeded for dry and rough skin.
If your skin is dry u can use it 1-2 times daily . I adore use this product because of his smells :)

Probably someone can ask if i recommend others cosmetics by Avon ?
I think that only line of cosmetics spa deserves some attention and some of shower gels and body lotions from nature series .

So it is all for today . :)

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